Is Investing in Bitcoin in 2020 a Wise Decision?

So you wanna know if you should invest in Bitcoin or not?

By this point you must’ve seen or heard Bitcoin mentioned on your Twitter feed, through people at work or on your YouTube recommended. It definitely is a hot topic right now.

Back to the point though.

Investing in Bitcoin is a gamble, like any other investment you could lose your money or win big.

However, to invest in Bitcoin at a time like now is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a technology that can change the world as much as the internet did.

There is huge upside if Bitcoin ends up as big as everyone says it will.

Let’s run the numbers, shall we?

Currently as of writing, 1 BTC (Bitcoin) costs $8755.

If you were to invest a measly $100, you would own 0.0086 BTC.

Now, let’s say that all these tech entrepreneurs and finance gurus are right about Bitcoin and it ends up going up like crazy, some speculate it could reach $500,000 by 2022.

But I’m a skeptic, so let’s assume it takes ten years to reach that $500,000 valuation.

If true, in ten years your investment of $100 would now be worth $4300.

(0.0086 x 500,000)

That is a return on investment of 4200%.

To put that in perspective, some of the BEST investment funds in the world provide returns of 20%.

Bitcoin is the only investment vehicle that could offer returns like this, place your $100 investment now. Sign up here;



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